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Below are some testimonials from former students.
Doug Partin, PMP
I took the 2-day EdWell boot camp and passed on Wednesday – the day after class. The teacher, Mark McGreevy, and lessons were great. All I can say is I genuinely don’t believe I would have passed as highly as I did, if at all, if I hadn’t taken the class.

Christine Simmons, PMP
I took the EdWell class on a Monday & Tuesday and sat for the new exam that following Monday. I passed – above target in all areas. Taking a longer class isn't necessary for the new exam. Two days was just the right amount of time.
Mike Felser, PMP

I would also recommend the EdWell PMP bootcamp. I recently attended in November and passed the exam in December. I did a significant amount of self-study prior to attending the bootcamp and I believe that helped me to get the most out of the bootcamp training. I found the methodology of EdWell, and my instructor Mark McGreevy, to be on the money. Again, thank you Mike Welles, Mark McGreevy and the entire EdWell team!
Elizabeth Morrison, PMP

I just took EdWell's PMP Bootcamp in Columbia, MD last week and passed the PMP Exam the next day. I am proof that you can take the bootcamp and pass the exam on the next day. Just make sure you read a few chapters from the PMBOK prior to the class and ask questions when you do not understand something. My instructor, Mark McGreevey, was an excellent instructor. He gave the class many tips to remember the material and things to look out for that often confuse individuals taking the test. You too can pass the first time.

Amy Zeller, PMP

I took the EdWell course last week and sat for the exam Tuesday, and passed! Big thanks to the folks at EdWell for making sure I got into a class that worked with my schedule. Also hats off to our instructor Myra Baskerville for relaying a lot of important information in the Exam Prep class, in a short amount of time.

Richard Ahiagbede, PMP

EdWell helped me pass the PMP. The EdWell instructor, Mark Tolbert, was a knowledge mine and possessed a solid understanding of the concepts and material which I benefited from. Passing the PMP demands initiative, focus, and commitment. EdWell was there along the way and helped to drive it home.

Lorna Lavelle, PMP

The Edwell Bootcamp is an absolute must. I took the Bootcamp in Houston TX last week and I passed my PMP, on my first attempt, on Friday afternoon. My instructor, Myra Baskerville, was amazing! Lets face it, a lot of the subject matter that we were dealing with is somewhat ‘dry’ but she managed to make interesting and dare I say it, fun! The Edwell course companion book also broke the material down into manageable chunks so I could assimilate the information in a relatively short space of time. The Bootcamp is fast paced but if you keep up with your reading and follow your instructor's guidance, you will pass.

Ed Clare, PMP

The EdWell Bootcamp is the way to go. Be warned - it's intense, and lasts all day, with little time for detours. Like many posting on this topic, I found it the best way to get focused and set up a game plan for actually taking the exam.

Anthony Abereoje, PMP

I will recommend EdWell Programs for many reasons; one of them being the structure and the length of the PMP Bootcamp. For your information, it is seriously a bootcamp.

Brian Kreidler, PMP

I highly recommend EdWell's PMP Boot Camp. I passed the PMP exam on the first try (with a "Proficient" score in all 5 areas) thanks largely to their Boot Camp.

Matrina Poston, PMP

I would highly recommend EdWell Programs to anyone planning to sit for the PMP exam!

Sherree Anderson, PMP

I'm convinced that there is NO WAY that I would have been able to pass my PMP exam (on the first try I might add) without the Boot Camp that I took through EdWell.

Paul Head, PMP

Edwell was helpful from the point of my initial inquiry, through to pre-class preparation, PMP application processing and has even offered the new version of the PMP companion guide.

Emilia Voge, PMP

EdWell is a MUST boot camp for any aspiring PMP. Great company, great instructors, and all materials are at your fingertips for success.

Russell Roberds, PMP

I am happy to state that I did pass the PMP exam on the first try, three days after the class ended. I know that I would have failed miserably had I not taken the boot camp by EdWell.

Chip Sealing, PMP

Maybe I can help. I have just passed PMI PMP certification exam on the first try!

Dennis Cobb, PMP

The investment for this boot camp was well worth the cost and has already proven to be very beneficial to my company, to my family, and to me. Thanks to EdWell, my instructor, my classmates, my family, and my employer for giving me one week to do this and for helping me prepare and pass the PMP!